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TIMELESS AT TWENTY-ONE - The P.R. Industry’s Proclaimed “SuperGirl” Gets Real

November 13, 2017


Although you may not know her yet, you soon will. She is one of the hottest, youngest fashion-entertainment publicists on the scene with a portfolio to kill and an army of aspiring talents that benefit from her nonprofit movement, The Fresh Faces Project. At 21 years old, Calynn M. Lawrence is a two time award winning publicist and editor, and Founder of The Fresh Faces Project which has assisted over 100 small businesses grow with the help of her free and discounted P.R. - Marketing services. Besides these things, she’s a real person who’s gonna let us see past her business persona and into her heart.


Describe your job in a few sentences.


Which one? LOL. The job I have as the Founder of The Fresh Faces Project? The job I have as a contract publicist-editor? Or the job I have as a daughter, sister, friend? Because, honestly, they’re all rooted in the same principles of love, compassion, ambition, community and sacrifice. The same way I need those principles to have a heart and help those small businesses who can’t afford market-price P.R. , I need them to be successful as an editor when dealing with writer submissions and interviewing people, and I need them when finding that balance between being there for my loved ones and pursuing my career. I think that whatever “job” I have is fundamentally the same, just executed with different tasks, if that makes sense.


How did you get started in the industry?


I began my first internship as a fashion intern at Nordstrom when I was 15 years old. I stayed there until I was 18, and it opened so many doors for me. I was able to land a few other fashion related internships because of it while I was in high school, as well as gaining an immense amount of knowledge and experience on the ins and outs of fashion marketing, sales, management, merchandising and so on. I am extremely grateful for that because most people do not get to intern until college, which is why I feel I had a good head start on many of my peers. Although I also work in art, beauty and entertainment, fashion will always be my main niche because it’s where I got my start and it’s where my heart will always be.




What do you like to do on your off days?


What is an off day LOL? I work at least 6 days a week, every week. Between doing contract work for my clients, managing The Fresh Faces Project and its interns, and attending fashion shows and the red carpet events pretty much every weekend, I have very little free time with nothing to do. But, on that occasion, I like to have a nice meal, binge watch crime shows - medical shows and talk to my friends and family. Whether we all hang out in person, or over the telephone, I love to socialize with my loved ones just to make sure I let them know I’m there and I care, regardless of my extremely tight schedule.


Why do people in the industry call you “SuperGirl” ?


I think that people in the industry call me SuperGirl because I do so much. I am a VERY die hard businesswoman and I literally submerse myself in work. But, it’s just not any work, it’s work that I feel makes a difference. That’s the important thing. I am grateful that I am recognized for my endeavors, especially The Fresh Faces Project, and it’s certainly an ego boost to be known as “Supergirl.” However, I have faith that so many more people could be on the same path or an even greater one. I’m not special because I have a mind of gold, or a heart of steel, I just live by a different mantra than most.


 I think many of my peers are somewhat capsulated in a mentality where extreme dedication is a very pejorative trait. Let’s be honest, there are so many of my peers who get rich quick or become internet famous for literally nothing more than taking sexy selfies or having that ONE viral video on social media or what have you. Thus, I think that many have come to believe that is the norm and that the concept of “working your way up” or “grinding it out, hustlin’” is too antiquated, and that if you still subscribe to that mentality, such as myself, you are an overachiever. If this would change, the playing field would certainly be leveled and “overachievers” wouldn’t be looked at as superhuman..just maybe super humans.



If you could have any three things in the world right now, what would they be?


Wow, that’s a weighty question. I think I would first have peace, happiness and wellness upon all of my loved ones, all of the world really. And, I would have The Fresh faces Project be able to reach millions of small businesses, assisting them in many more ways than I can now. I would have the capital to make life changing donations to businesses and aspiring talents, I would have a physical building to house so many interns and assistants and create jobs far beyond my current state.




My Superman would open his eyes...He would realize that even though there’s no cape around his neck or “S” on his chest, that he makes even SuperGirl feel like a Lois Lane.


Ending off, who are two career women you would like to recognize?


My mother, Dawn. She is exceptionally brilliant in the Psychology field, with graduate and postgraduate education. While raising three successful daughters, alongside my father, she managed to get her education and build her resume even in her middle age, as well as being a friend , sister and mentor to many people. She is one of my best role models.


One of my play sisters, Nikhaule. She has been a friend of the family for almost a decade and she has never failed to impress me. She has always been one of my biggest supporters and I feel the same way about her. She is about to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree with honors from a top university, while working as a retail supervisor and interning for the Obama Foundation.

***Photo Credit Jontue Rice***


Where can people find you?


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Kenty A.Lichtenberg

IG: @keraikreativestyl2016



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