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Mako Girls Carnival Glow Party - My Bros DJ

March 20, 2018


MyBrosDJ are a new upcoming duo DJ team that is made up of two brothers from Decatur, GA. Each brother has their own individual style and personality that brings a new competitive passion to the table. DJ SodaBoi (12) DJ Quan Mega (13) are DJ’s and dancers who love music and the many ways of mixing and creating new sounds. 

DJ SodaBoi is always on the search to discover the newest and hottest music first. He is a self-taught DJ and writes his own lyrics to perfect his rapping skills. He has the ability to drop that one song that creates a thousand memories instantly. DJ SodaBoi hopes to someday become an infamous producer. He wants to share with his peers following the same dream to becoming the next young DJ that hopes to travel the same path as him: “I never dreamed of success; I worked hard for it.” 


DJ Quan Mega is the DJ that will get out in the crowd and party with the people. This young buck has old school swag in which the crowd is always taken back by his age and music choice. His blends range from Future to Michael Jackson and Apache’ and the Phineas and Ferb theme song. You never know what he’ll play next. DJ Quan Mega dreams of being in the entertainment industry and gaming world for many years to come. His original quote is “Game On”! 


MyBrosDj started this career path in 2011. Their breakout performance was at DBS Sounds Meet and Greet for the one and only Tyrese Gibson. MyBrosDJ had the opportunity to showcase a 20 minute mix each for the crowd and share their abilities with new and upcoming artists in the music industry. MyBrosDj’s resume includes several shows for Disabled In Action in Decatur, GA; Private Annual Summer Time Pool Party Events in Decatur, GA; as well as an exclusive invite Sweet 16 party in Atlanta, GA. Their big break came in August 2015 when they showcased their DJ skills on Wynter (with a “Y”) Kids Carnival Radio Show on NuRadio located in Atlanta, GA. They were invited to return several times and was officially added to the show as Kids Carnival Radio Show DJ’s. You can find them mixing live on NuRadio every Saturday on (NuRadio Station) 


Below is MyBrosDJ Social Media: 

Facebook: @Sodaboi Quan Mega 

Instagram: @MyBrosDJ 

YouTube: Sodaboi Quan Mega 

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