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Interview with Elishea Moore - #IAmTheTrendingTopic

February 7, 2018


When you think of those women who have made a positive impact in world of women empowerment; you think of famous names like Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P. Henson. Even local celebs like Tracy Morning… Well, be prepared to add one more to the list because Elishea Moore wants to get the message across to every woman and young girl that the time to focus on yourself is now! 


Moore is a Miami native with deep ties to the Atlanta, Georgia area! She is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. As a contributor to the book Multiple Streams of Income Moore feels there are many reasons and ways to achieve this goal. The most important however is establishing something that can be passed down to your children, whether it be a business or a wealth of knowledge!  When I asked Moore if she felt in this day and age if a college degree was a necessity she replied, “Education is important. No one can take your education away from you. Yet, no one can take your entrepreneurship either!” 


Being a young mom, subjected to an abusive spouse and working two jobs. Moore didn’t have anyone to help mentor her on how to be this successful entrepreneur. It got to a point where getting up to punch a clock at a job that was funding someone else’s dream just got to be too much for Moore. “Had I not went through that [being a teen mom] I would have settled. I was tired of struggling and telling my kids no [you can’t have this/that]. I always had an entrepreneurship mindset in. I would do hair on the side among other things and my children were the motivation pushing and provoking me to move forward.”


Taking all of that motivation and drive Moore used it to catapult herself into the world of entrepreneurship! Her soon to be released book, ‘Watch Your Mouth: The words you speak today create the world you live in tomorrow’ is a daily guide of affirmations! [In this book] "I’m teaching others how to get your mind and mouth on the same wave length so that they can produce the reality they really want.”  So often we fantasize about having the lives of the rich and famous. We want to be like those we see trending on Twitter and Instagram! Well, according to Moore YOU should be your own trending topic! That’s what #IAmTheTrendingTopic is all about! “There is no more idolizing celebrities,  you have a story and someone may need to hear it. Because you’re worth a trending conversation!”


Every month you can catch Moore highlight a special lady as apart of her #IAmTheTrendingTopic movement! If you have a story to tell or know someone who does Moore is currently taking submissions for the next #IAmTheTrendingTopic feature. Stories can be submitted to 


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