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THE RETURN OF SUPERGIRL; and the Death of Superman

January 28, 2018


Calynn M. Lawrence, known as the P.R.’s industry’s proclaimed Supergirl has returned to My Time magazine for another interview. This time, she’s got a couple different opinions from her last interview with us. After having released the increasingly popular art project, Superman Is Dead, on her blog, she’s got people everywhere talking. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here :


How have your feelings changed since the last time you interviewed with us?


Well, the last time I interviewed with you all, I had spoken very highly of a former love interest who I called “Superman” and now I feel completely different. The man who I was speaking on is no longer a factor to m for many reasons. Hence, why the project is called “Superman Is Dead” because that perfect, shining image of him that I once had was laid to rest.


Was it difficult for you to show such vulnerability in your project?


Yes and no. Obviously, my emotions were heavily involved in the project. But, it was so therapeutic for me to create the sketches and the storyboards, write the poem and speak it, that I felt it was definitely worth it. Plus, I needed to declare publicly that Superman was no longer a thing because it had gotten to the point where I was being asked about him constantly...and I didn’t want people to still be under that same impression. I want my readers to see that I get hurt too, and that it’s really all about picking yourself back up and bossing up. If someone doesn’t recognize your worth, upgrade yourself to where their opinions don’t even matter to you. Oddly enough, that’s usually when they open their eyes...once you stop caring about them.



Does the late “Superman” know about the project? Given its rapid success, he probably does, right?


I honestly don’t know. I haven’t spoken with him in weeks and don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. If he does, then I guess he would be a little surprised, probably strangely impressed. Even if he was upset, despite me never revealing his name, I doubt it would move him to action. I think we mutually have such a certain lack of concern for each other to the point where he wouldn’t approach me about it, and I wouldn’t approach him.


How does it feel to be “Supergirl” and still get your heart broken? You’ve shattered several records in your career, making history a few times, helped over 100 small businesses through your nonprofit, worked with some of the greatest names in fashion, won two national awards and you’re nominated for three Chicago Oscars this year at barely 22 years old. Yet, you still have had your heart broken by a few men, in particular “Superman.”


Thank you. It feels like pretty much any good woman who gets let down or slept on by a man she cares for. I don’t think my secular accomplishments have a whole lot to do with it. Of course you would think that a man would be impressed by a fairly accomplished young woman such as myself, but sometimes that isn’t enough. I never really take looks into consideration because I’m not big on that, I’m not that shallow. However, I recognize that I’m a decent catch outside of my career, I love to cook, laugh, I’m very loyal and fairly submissive in relationships, despite me being so dominant in my personality etc. So, I just try to just look at the positives in the situation. Yes, that individual let me down but that leaves the door open for someone in the future who’ll really love and appreciate me. Gotta stay optimistic. 



Would you take back any of your former love interests that went sour?


I guess you can never truly say never. But, I can promise you that right now I don’t see it happening with any of them. That’s on my squad LOL.


What’s some of the things we have to look forward to from you?


Well, if I win these Chicago Oscars in February, I will be hosting a teen scholarship event sometime this year. I am soon to head off for New York Fashion Week , three shows, and LA Fashion Week so I will be blogging those! Very exciting. I am also in the process of getting a documentary released on The Fresh Faces Project by the end of the year. So, there’s definitely a lot of cool things that are approaching for myself and The Fresh Faces Project.











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