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Workout Consistency for 2018!

January 8, 2018


One of the most important parts of your workout for the New Year is just the fact that you show up to do it. Your body will adapt to every workout that you do. It is these adaptations that get you the results you are looking for. But guess what,  it will only happen if you “prove” to your body that you are going to do your workout consistently. When you first start a routine there are all sorts of physiological changes that occur almost immediately. If you are looking for physical or “esthetics” changes though, that takes time. Your body will have no problem gaining strength, but it will also tend to be very resistant to making those appearance changes that most people so desperately want. 


The longer you have been carrying around that extra 15 or more pounds of fat, the more your body will accept it as “normal” and therefore the more resistant it will be to get rid of that fat. Does this mean that if you have been carrying that extra fat around for ten years or so that you are doomed to having it forever? Absolutely not! But what it does mean is that you must be consistent with your routine or your body will think that it is okay to return to it is “normal” state. You have to “reset” your body’s way of thinking, convince it that lean and solid should be the new norm. The great thing is that once you achieve that new norm it is actually quite easy to maintain it. 

So, remember these two things: 


Stick with it! Do not give up, changes will happen. It just takes some time. You need to look at all the years you have ahead of you to be fit rather than concentrating on the next two or three weeks.


You must continuously challenge your body to get results! That means that a specific routine is only going to work for several weeks, then you must revise what you are doing. That is where your program change comes in. Each month you will be required to learn a new routine, and this will make your body have to adapt. That is what will get you the results you want to have. 

Heres to your health in 2018,

Terrance Hutchinson


Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

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