Top Strategies To Increase Great Health in 2018!

January 8, 2018


If you are like millions of people around the world wanting to start a New Years Resolutions for 2018  then you are in the right place. Here’s the time to hit the reset button on a healthy lifestyle. So many people go into “auto-pilot” the start of the new year with hopes and desires of becoming better versions of themselves. 


Making New Years Resolutions are great, but it’s worthless if you NEVER follow through on them.  Making lifestyle behavioral changes will guarantee that your ” resolutions” to become healthier will be a thing of the past. No more resolutions just an enhancement for growth.


Here are my Top 10 Strategies for success.


1. Focus on making healthy habits, not on weight. New Years Resolutions mostly focus on weight loss. Most people tend to try extreme weight loss tactics instead of focusing on the real reason(s) the unwanted weight is there in the first place.  Focus on eating great whole foods, remove junk foods, eliminate sugars, and drink more water.


Your health symptoms can be a bigger problem that may prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals.  You will reach your goals faster when you focus on healthier habits.


2. Make your goals more specific. Staying motivated is extremely difficult if you do not have specific goals. Know what your goals are and how you’re going to get there. Remember the reason why you’re own this journey.


This will keep you motivated to accomplish your goals. Have a plan for success.


3. Identify Your Barriers. We all run into “barriers”, but it’s what we do when barriers snag us that can make or break us.  Look deeper into them for the true reasons for why they are there. Be ready to adjust and modify your goals. Don’t give up.


4. Control Your Environment. This strategy is mostly overlooked. Always have a place where you can go to meditate or decompress. The place you spend the most time should be the most comfortable stress-free. Most people don’t know that your environment can trigger your cortisol hormones, (stress) which can activate fat cells in your body, bring on headaches or migraines, and certain diseases. These can quickly put you on the bench and derail your resolutions for your fitness goals.


5. Have High Self-Esteem. Believe in yourself to get the job done. Be careful of what you tell yourself because you’re listening! Always think highly of yourself when trying to reach your goals.  EXCEPT NO NEGATIVE self-talk or feedback from family and friends. See yourself succeeding at your resolutions this time around. Push through! You can do this!


6. Find a Support Freind Or Group. One of the best ways to achieve your weight management or fitness goals is to have consistent support around to motivate and encourage you. This will make your fitness goals more fun and easier to achieve especially, on the days you’re slacking off. This is a HUGE plus towards for goals. Get and stay connected.


7. Stay Active. Remember Your Childhood. This is a fun one! Think back to the sports or physical activities you loved as a kid. Whether its bike riding, jumping rope, swimming, or even a pickup game of basketball. Remembering the activities you love as a kid can definitely encourage a more enjoyable fitness journey. Go ahead, be a kid again! 


8. Monitor Your Sleeping Habits. This is HUGE! Most people don’t get enough sleep or they get too much sleep. Either way; it will affect their immune system, appetite, mood, mental clarity, weight, hormones, and even lifespan. 

If you’re feeling tired or your sleep is constantly disrupted, you may have a sleep disorder and treat immediately. TEAM “NO SLEEP”, won’t play well in the long term.


9. Detoxify Your Body.  Now that Holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to detoxify your body of toxins to cleanse your digestive system, liver, blood, promote weight loss, clearer skin and really help reduce the risk of inflammation. 


10. Spirituality. It is important, it keeps you encouraged, and it motivates you. Your fitness goals are apart of self-transformation and spiritual growth. Fitness is a dual between your mind and body,  your spiritually plays a huge roll in your mind. It helps prevent issues such as emotional eating, being impatient, and negative self-talk. 


11. BE Happy. Listen to music, dance, sing out loud, smile, tell a joke and laugh! The happier you are the more encouraged you are to reaching your fitness goals.


12. Great Nutrition Habits. I saved this one for last because its the more thought about. Nutrition is a key factor for achieving your goals. If “weight loss” is your goal for the New Year then FIBER IS KING! Make sure that you are consuming fruits and veggies into your nutrition habits every day. If eating more is a challenge then consult with a Nutritionist for recommendations of a great Fiber Supplement that’s great liquid nutrition.


I hope my strategies play a huge part  NOT in just your New Year Weight Management,  but become a Lifestyle Weight Management and Fitness goal!


Here’s to your health,

Terrance Hutchinson


Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Certified Corporate Well Coach

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