Savvi Magazine Presents Savvi Gents vs Klassic Gentlemen

January 5, 2018


PPG Entertainment, LLC, presents the Savvi Magazine Presents Savvi Gents vs Klassic Gentlemen Fashion Show. This Saturday, January 6th and witness the biggest Male High Fashion Extravaganza of the year.


30 Male Models, 10 Designers, 2 Teams, & 1 Runway. Team captains Saga Boss and James Thompson have been trash talking form months..... Both are amazing and only 1 will win!!! You got to get your tickets to see.


We asked the gentlemen the same questions to see just who has the confidence and the team to bring home the win.


MTM: Describe your team and why you feel like you will win?

Saga: Let's see...The Savvi Gents are a variety of male models who are all really out here working hard. From different shows to photo shoots...we are and have been very consistent. I feel like we are gonna win just because we are a group of young men that love to compete and have fun. Those that know me, know I have jokes and I'm big on I hand picked models with the same mindset.


MTM: What message to you have for your competition?

Saga: Really simple message....even though the camaraderie is incredible and its all big team...BE READY...and please DON'T BORE


MTM: What can the people expect from this show?

Saga: Expectations for the show...definitely to see some amazing designers...incredible performances from our featured artists...the opportunity to see and shop with great from the Blue Carpet to the the main event...we trash talk all the time...but its a Brotherhood...and at the end of the day...we're a unit...out to have fun...BUT EXPECT TO SEE THE SAVVI GENTS REPRESENT!!


Now that the politically correct stuff is done...we coming with a help these old men up a few stairs...take their medication...and put them to bed...#GAMEON #TEAMSAVVIGENTS #MYTEAMISDOPE


Ok.... ok..... lets see what Mr. JT has to say.....



MTM: Describe your team and why you feel like you will win?

JT: The team I have assembled are Men. These guys are men with values of the golden era. We are leaders, family men, fathers..husbands. CEOs, owners...we have been around long enough to have experienced bad things. Because of the lives we have lived, we have accepted the challenge of mentoring. We are willing to help the younger to make tmrw better. The reason we will because we will be teaching as we do what we do. Some of the young brothers on the other team will want to Be Klassic by the time the night is over.


MTM: What message to you have for your competition?

JT: Message for the competition, slow down...feel it, learn from it, adapt to it... enjoy it!!! ...that message can be used in so many situations of life.


MTM: What can the people expect from this show?

JT: The show will be full of life. You will be entertained by people that enjoy entertaining. There will be competition, however you will also see a Brotherhood right before your eyes 24 Black Men...from all walks of life, coming together to fashion and having a great time doing so.


Well.... there you have it...... My Time Magazine will be in the building and you should be there too! Check back here later for coverage and photos and an interview from the winning team. 


Update and follow up coverage. 



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