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Let’s Talk Makeup With NaKeitha K & Kerai Kreative Style

November 29, 2017

Makeup has become a very important part of our day to day routine. The woman of today is eager to learn, want to be trending and want to be able to afford these trends. We have gone through a list of tips and questions that so many of us have but that most time will go unanswered as we go to the wrong source of information.


When did you know a career in beauty was for you, give us a summary of your bio and how you have ended up here?

You know the funny thing about this is I was just featured last august as Beauty of The Month for My Time Magazine! I explained all about my career path up to this point. I won't go into too much detail because I would love for the readers to go and check out that piece. However, I was always into taking photos as a child. It wasn't until I had my son in 2009 that I stop pursuing my degree in broadcasting and took Photography more serious. So a couple of years into that I came across an Instagram post by this female photographer in Miami named Robin V. She was doing makeup and photography for one of her models and I kid you not that very moment I said to myself, "I can do that too!" So I did just that!


Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out and the holidays?

The lip!! I feel like it's all about the lip choice. Most people; unless you have the time in the morning, do a nice neutral look on the eye for work and a subtle lip color. If you have plans right after work toss these key things into your makeup bag to glam up your look after you walk out of that office:

  • good powder to settle any shinny areas that may have presented themselves throughout the day

  • a sassy lip color maybe red or deep mauve

  • favorite pair of dramatic lashes (optional)

  • a mini contour palette that allows you to deepen the cheekbones and also smoke out that lower lash line

What are your favorite Fall/Winter 2017 beauty trends?

Fall is all about that deep mauve and burgundy matte lip however I'm a gloss girl and I am always looking forward to when my beauty sisters start pulling out their favorite gloss to keep those lips hydrated! Summer was about the blinding highlight; which I honestly think will not be leaving us anytime soon; but I do believe we'll start reaching for a subtler highlighter for winter.


Some trends can feel a bit out-there for the average woman. Especially style-conscious women of “a certain age” who wish to remain current but fear looking as if they’re trying too hard. What are some comfort-zone-friendly ways to rock the latest trends?

I honestly feel that keeping up with what's trending has become more and more of a job for the beauty gurus! I'm apart of a ton of social makeup groups on Facebook and while everyone is interested in the latest trend they are jumping at the chance to do what everyone else is doing. They aren't sticking to what works for them and not apologizing for it. To me the best way to rock any new trend is to tweak it to fit your look. Be honest with yourself as well. If it's not working for you then move on to something else or stick with what does. Trust me there are things that look great on other women that I wouldn't dare try on myself and I'm ok with that.


Speaking of age appropriateness, let’s consider the flip-side. In this day and age of Toddlers & Tiaras and 20-something-looking tweens, is there an age you, as a makeup-artist, consider too soon for girls to begin wearing makeup on a regular basis?

This question can be a bit tricky because I know I'm one of those people who think watching the little girls play in their mom's makeup is so cute. I've also done makeup for youth cheerleading competitions and pageants, so I've had to put makeup on girls around those ages. I just believe it should be minimal and for occasions such as those I mentioned. Now I didn't start wearing makeup until my early twenties and if I had a daughter I don't think I'd be comfortable with her walking out of the house regularly until maybe about 16 to 17 years old. However, I don't look down on those who choose to allow it sooner.


Any tips on how girls can achieve a look that is both “cool” and parent-friendly during this holidays season?

NUDES!! I'm talking about a banging nude lippie of course.. lol! I will forever and always appreciate a great nude lip gloss or lipstick. It makes a statement but doesn't overdue it. Remember less is more! Instead of a deep contour go with a nice bronzer.   


What three makeup items should no woman leave home without if you are going let’s say to a corporate dinner?

If I had to pick only three. I'd say Compact face powder (sponge/brush included), lipstick and mascara…


I have seen some of your work your via and I absolutely love the fact that although very trendy, it is not changing your facial features. Many women stay away from makeup because they are afraid of not looking like themselves once the end results are in. What are your thoughts on this?

First off thank you for the kind words! A lot of my clients are women who have never worn makeup before. I never wanted a client to say to me wow I look so different but I used to get it all the time and at first i hated it. I had to step back and actually pay attention to their reactions. They didn't mean it like I can't even recognize myself, they were saying I still look like me just a dolled up version. Which is where my hashtag #EnhancedQueensByKei came from. Most of my clients book me because they want that natural glam and I pride myself on delivering that to them! Youtube is your best friend! lol. Take out the time to watch a natural makeup tutorial or a no-makeup makeup tutorial. You'll be glad you did!


What are the biggest challenges that a MUA faces during the holidays season in terms of demands, “Pinterest Myths” and unrealistic looks?

These demands are not just for the holidays!! This is an everyday struggle for makeup artist. A client will come in with a look they found online and expect you to make them look like that person. I make it clear whenever someone sends me a look they want. I inform them that I will use the image as inspiration and tailor it to fit their features. 


Another thing that scares customers during the holidays, is the increase in pricing that MUA charge due to the fact that this would be consider a high season for you. What saving tips can you give that woman that wants to look great on a budget?

It all goes back to taking the time to learn how to give yourself the look you desire. There are so many makeup workshop. MUAs have them all the time. Invest is one or if you don't want to spend the extra money once again YouTube saves lives, honey! However, if you are one who regularly hires professionals to do your makeup start asking questions. Ask them what products they are using and what they are using them for. Pay attention and try it at home yourself.


As a MUA it is your responsibility to try different brands out there. However, clients are not always receptive to this. What is the best approach to these types of clients?

I'm a IF IT ISN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT type. The contents of my kit rarely changes. I may buy new makeup to test out or play with at home for my social media post but rarely does it make it into my kit. It takes time to build a kit and i'm still in the beginning stages of that but so far it's working and if I come across a product I think is needed I fill find a place for it.


You have the blessing of being talented in both the photography and the makeup industry. Is it automatic that once a client sees that her beauty has been enhanced, that they feel that at that moment they should have that image captured?

I highly encourage selfies.. lol! But yes my clients enjoy my little impromptu photo sessions after they have been dolled up. It just adds a little more of a boost to their confidence. Makes them feel even prettier. Now they are even more ready to get home, slide into that dress and tear up the town!


Can you share some recent looks with us that can be used as inspiration for this season? 

Here's my recent thanksgiving look! In the crease I used a deep plum color with a gold pigment shadow from the dollar store on my lid. I intensified the outer corner of my eye with a black eyeshadow and paired this look with a plum matte lipstick and gloss. This next look is a soft peach shimmer shadow on the lid with brown in the outer corner to smoke out the look. I used a frosty shimmer shadow in my inner corner and carried into my lower lash line to highlight that area of my eye. Then I paired this look with my favorite nude lip combination. 

What is your final advice to the ladies that are looking to SLAY their make up looks this holiday season?

Be the best version of you honey... Although I've mentioned YouTube as a great source of material to help with staying up on the latest trends or step by step on how to achieve certain looks I also have a T-shirt line called The MUA Collection. One of my best selling tees is one that reads "beYOUtiful: There Is No Tutorial For That" and I truly believe that. A video may be able to tell you how to achieve a smokey eye or apply eyeliner so it stays long but nothing can tell you how to be you and that's a SLAY you can't pay anyone for. You were born with it!


I think we both share the fact that makeup should remain fun, with element of learning and experiencing new trends. Try staying away from the demands of staying on “point”, because sometimes less is more and your beauty should always shine from with in…..that is REAL & priceless Beauty.


Happy Makeup Season Beauties From Nakeitha & Kerai Kreative Style!



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