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Hannah's Corner, November Issue

November 29, 2017

Check out my Cousin Milan and her girl group new single called:Dance Girl Swag keep on the lookout for her video featuring me DJ Queen Niyah!




I am hosting my 1st Annual Christmas Extravaganza a Live Radio Special Saturday Dec 9th from 11am -12pm. My goal is to raise money for kids in the hospital over the holidays that may not get to go home! A few of my friends and I will sing and dance and tell the true meaning of Christmas!


If you want to help make this event a success please inbox me or send an email:


Thanks for your supporting the vision of a 9 year old that wants to give back to kids in the local community!


 Here are a few books that I think you will enjoy! Challenge yourself guys. Let’s commit to reading daily!


*From A-Z by Sonya Bowser

*Siblings by Barry Richards

*Nina Bellas by Dania V Peguero



What is the key to a good thanksgiving?

A: the turkey!


Q: IF April Showers bring may flowers, what do mayflowers bring?

A: Pilgrims


Q: Why didn’t the turkey eat dessert?

A: because he was stuffed.


Q: Why can’t you take a turkey to church?

A: because they use such  fowl language.

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