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Have you tried the MSM Card Game?

August 28, 2017

Derrick Jaxn is the smart, sexy and interesting poet, philanthropist, and entrepreneur born in Yonkers, NY that you see on those relationship videos all over social media. 


He came up with a relationship game to stimulate your mind while dating. This card game has all the questions you should be asking on a first date. Hell, this card game should BE your first date. Its also a good game to play with a glass of wine, chilling at home with your hubby or boo. There are things in the box you should know about each other.... Its fun, creative , grown, sexy and stimulating. 


"As an author dealing with relationships, writing out the questions was the easy part, but deciding which questions to include in the box was difficult. I filtered down to questions that went into several directions from heart tugging romance to gut wrenching laughter; everything I'd hope to feel with someone I could potentially be in a relationship with. Politics, money management, and other areas were explored as well to prevent any chance of having a one-dimensional dialogue and walah, the end result was the explosively popular, 'Mentally Stimulate Me' card game." - Quote from website


oh and yeah.... There is a bonus pack. Dont be cheap; grab the red box too. You will NOT be disappointed. It's called the Grown & Sexy Expansion Pack! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank me later. You can also get the deluxe set with both boxes. #bestvalue #morefun #grownquestions 


One last thing, they are having a sale! There is a code on the website for 20% off. So my advice is to head over there NOW and grab your set, you may get it by the weekend!

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