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When was the last time you picked up a magazine? Do you recall what you saw inside? Did you see any articles or advertisements directly related to yourself or individuals in your community? More than likely…. not. No, what you probably saw were stories concerning celebrities or public figures, and ads surrounding already well known products & services. You flipped through the magazine anyway, simply because you were entertained by the content. After all, something attracted you to pick up the magazine. What if a magazine existed that acknowledged your story, as well as those around you? What if instead of well-known corporations, a magazine focused on local small businesses & those people working in your own community? Instead of reading about Hollywood faces, you learned of some new faces out of your own town? No more what ifs; the time has come. We have to come together to publish100% real life success stories told by everyday people such as yourself. Our goal is to showcase positive stories, acknowledge community-based small businesses, and report news that not only you can identify with, but that you can use as well. No matter what you bring to the table, one thing is for certain: we want to make your life better one story at a time, and we can’t do that without you.


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All About the Community Another great part about My Time Magazine, is a portion of our proceeds fund our non profit H.O.P.E. FOR COMMUNITIES, Inc.


(H.O.P.E.) H.O.P.E. FOR COMMUNITIES, Inc. is a public, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth and adults to pursue their manifested destiny and purpose to impact their communities. H.O.P.E. does this by focusing primarily on three areas initially: education/training, health and fine arts. As the organization grows and develops, the organization will expand its focus to include resource referrals. The organization is a religious entity that will also operate in accordance with biblical principles, leading by example, to facilitate the empowerment of the community.

Meet Our Staff

Editor-in-Chief - Dr. Ebony N. Dunn

Editor / Designers - Chasity Hampton

Atlanta Contributor / Community – Tawana Randall

Florida Contributor / Spiritual Column – Tekia Smith

Florida Contributor / Make-Up Column – Tangulia Robinson-Dansby

Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles - Kerai Lichtenberg
Kid Contributor - Hannah Denis
Kid Contributor - Keion Williams


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